March 23, 2018

SNEAK PEEK from MAKE IT EASY, CUPCAKE! Our SHREDDED CANDY RABBIT is based on the SIMPLE 4 STEP RECIPES in our newest book (due out June 7). Four simple steps and a photo to for each step…you can follow the photos or read the recipe…either way it’s SO EASY!


12 vanilla cupcakes baked in paper liners

12 vanilla wafers

1 can vanilla frosting

1 jar candy coating, candy shred (ChocoMaker), decorating sugar, or sprinkles

12+ Pringle chips (additional for breakage)

spray food coloring to match candy coating (Wilton)

24 mini marshmallows

24 black pearls

12 M&Ms Minis, chocolate or a color to coordinate with the candy coating


  1. Spread some frosting on top of a cupcake, to one side. Place a vanilla wafer, flat side down, on the frosting, allowing it to overhang the edge by 3/4 inch. Pop the cupcake in the freezer for 15 minutes to set. Add a mound of frosting to the chilled cupcake and spread into a smooth egg shape, using the frosting to fill any gaps and create a smooth transition  between the wafer and the top of the cupcake.
  2. Place the shred or other coating in a small bowl (large enough to dip a cupcake). Gently roll the top of the frosted cupcake in the coating.
  3. Gently snap each Pringle potato chip in half lengthwise (break on a slight diagonal for a tapered ear). Sort the chip halves to make symmetrical pairs with the curved unbroken edge facing in. Place the pairs on a sheet of waxed paper and spray the chips with food color spray to lightly coat. Let dry for a few minutes and spray again to deepen the color.
  4. Cut 12 mini marshmallows in half crosswise. Use dots of frosting to attach the two half marshmallows to the face for the cheeks (the extended wafer side). Use dots of frosting to attach the chocolate mini M&M nose just above the cheeks, black pearl eyes above the nose, and a marshmallow tail at the opposite side of the cupcake. Use a small knife to make two slits in the top of the cupcakes behind the eyes and insert the end of an ear in each slit, broken edge facing out.

Our newest book Make It Easy, Cupcake! has over 100 SIMPLE 4-STEP DESIGNS that are just as easy and just as much fun as our SHREDDED CANDY RABBITS!

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Hoppy Easter!

Alan and Karen

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