February 4, 2018

These easy Mini Birthday Tower Cupcakes were inspired by the Simple 4-Step recipes in our newest book Make It Easy Cupcake! We used easy techniques from our book to create a warm glow without real flames! The candles were made using pink chocolate POCKY sticks with a little back and forth drizzle of vanilla frosting to mimic real candles. (Sorry Cake Mate!) We also put two colors of frosting in our piping bag, orange and yellow, so when we piped the flames they came out with mixed colors just like the real thing!

The tower itself is made from a jumbo cupcake at the bottom, a regular cupcake in the middle, and a mini cupcake on top…all baked in Reynolds foil liners!

What could be simpler….or prettier?
















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Happy Birthday Decorating!

Alan and Karen


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