February 5, 2018

We think SIMPLY PRETTY should also be PRETTY SIMPLE! We were inspired by the SIMPLE 4-STEP RECIPES in our new book MAKE IT EASY, CUPCAKE! where every design has four easy-to-follow photos, one for each step in the recipe! Here are the four easy photos you need to make LOVE LETTERS FOR YOUR VALENTINE!

  1. Trace the letters for your message on paper, adding a short line for the candy support at the bottom of each letter. (We went with LOVE but your LOVE LETTER could read BE MINE, KISS, HUGS, SWEET, HEART, MARRY ME, or whatever you feel is the right message.)
  2. Place waxed paper over the letters. Place candy melting wafers in a ziptop bag and microwave, stopping every few seconds to massage the bag, until softened. Pipe and outline the first letter and then flood the outline with melted candy. While the candy is still wet, cover with desired sugar or sprinkles.
  3. Repeat with the additional letters to create your message. Chill the letters for 5 minutes until set and brush off the excess sugar or sprinkles.
  4. Frost the tops of enough cupcakes to hold your message. Push a toothpick into the center of each cupcake. Carefully insert the support at the bottom of each letter into the hole in a cupcake so the letters stand up in the frosting on top of the cupcakes.

Our newest book Make It Easy, Cupcake! has over 100 SIMPLE 4 STEP DESIGNS just as easy and just as much fun as our Love Letters!

You can pre-order now and get delivery by June 7!

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Alan and Karen

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