March 30, 2018

AN APRIL FOOLS DAY CLASSIC! April Fool’s Day is the perfect excuse to trick the family with a Delicious Deli Chicken CAKE! And you even get two sides with your order, COLE SLAW and BAKED BEANS!

We made this robust rotisserie bird with sides for our latest book, CAKE MY DAY! But like many other amazing projects there just wasn’t room for it. So here it is, just for our blog readers! ENJOY!

Making the cake couldn’t be easier. We baked cakes in round bowls, a larger one for the carcass and a smaller bowl for the thighs.

Deli Chicken-02

Then we made some simple cuts in the bowl cakes, added a Twinkie cut in half, and assembled the cakes to create the chicken shape.

Deli Chicken-08-2

If you want to complete your April Fools Day cake with a real FOOL-THE-EYE look, clean and dry a plastic deli container to be used for the serving platter. Assemble the cake in the deli container using frosting to attach the cake parts. Next coat the entire cake with vanilla frosting and smooth. Pop it in the refrigerator to chill for 5 to 10 minutes, just to set the frosting.

For the skin, roll out 40 Kraft caramels. (This step can be time consuming so you might want to start it while your cake is baking. The hardest part is convincing the kids to unwrap all those squares of candy.) If you need to soften them to a rolling consistency, just pop them in the microwave for 1 or 2 seconds to soften slightly. (You don’t want molten lava caramels so keep it short!!)

Once the caramels are rolled out, you cut out a large circle of the candy for the body and two smaller circles for the thigh-leg sections. Drape the large caramel circle over the chicken shape to make the BREAST section. Press to smooth. Trim, and tuck any excess candy under the cake. Do the same for the THIGHS AND LEGS.

Add a piece of smooth bread stick (plain, not garlic flavor!) to the end of each leg for the LEG BONE.

Mix a small amount of cocoa powder with water to make a thin paste. Dip a clean toothbrush or the bristles of a pastry brush in the paste and use your finger to flick the bristles and splatter the caramel skin so it looks WELL ROASTED!!

For the sides, bake two small cakes and place them in plastic deli side dish containers. For the COLE SLAW mix coconut, small slivers snipped from a Circus Peanut, and vanilla frosting. Frost the top of one small cake to cover. For the BAKED BEANS, toss brown or russet red colored Jelly Belly jellybeans in caramel ice cream topping and frost the other small cake. Add extra jellybeans and caramel topping as needed to fill out the container.

We think we know what’s on the menu at your house tonight. A hot heaping pile of APRIL FOOLERY!!!

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Happy April Fools Day

Alan and Karen

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