October 3, 2017

These cupcakes are perfect for Day of the Dead, and Halloween, too!

We love SCARY cupcakes, especially when they are PRETTY TOO! We created the shape for our Sugar Skull Cupcakes first. It was as simple as pushing a pretzel stick into a marshmallow and then inserting the pretzel into the side of a frozen cupcake to make a chin for the skull. (Frozen cupcakes are always easier to handle for decorating!) We frosted the entire assembly and smoothed to create the skull shape.

Next we rolled the frosted cupcakes in different colored sugars. We added Hershey Milk Chocolate Drops for the eyes, and then added little colorful candies around the eyes using milk chocolate frosting as the glue. To the center of each eye we added a ChocoMaker Candy Decor. We piped a chocolate mouth and added M&Ms Minis for the teeth and nose. We finished each skull by adding chocolate swirls and details.

Happy Halloween Cupcakes!

Alan and Karen

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