December 10, 2017

CREATE AN EDIBLE POLAR BEAR CENTERPIECE for your Holiday table!! Our adorable polar bear is made using two cupcakes, an easy-to-make chocolate tree, and a gingerbread plaque ready for writing a holiday greeting to your guests!

How we made the TREE and HOLLY:

  1. Place a pretzel stick on a sheet of waxed paper. Pipe lines of melted green candy melts over the pretzel stick, starting narrow at the top and getting wider as you work down the pretzel. (Leave the bottom half of the pretzel uncoated.) Add white sprinkles, red pearls, and a yellow star to the wet candy. Set aside to harden.
  2. Use the melted candy to pipe pairs of holly leaves and add three red pearls for the berries at the center of the leaves.

Here’s how we made the POLAR BEAR:

  1. Make the body and head of the bear from two cupcakes, one jumbo and one regular size. Completely cover them with vanilla frosting and roll in white decorating sugar to coat.
  2. To make the face use dots of vanilla frosting to attach a slice of marshmallow for the snout and half of a mini marshmallow for each ear. Pipe two dots of vanilla frosting and add M&M’s Minis for the eyes and use a dot of frosting to attach the brown jelly bean nose.
  3. Pipe a large dot of vanilla frosting on the jumbo cupcake and attach the regular size cupcake to it, on its side, with the frosted top pointing in toward the center.
  4. To make the paws, cut 2 marshmallows in half crosswise. Add paw pads and nails using chocolate frosting. Use dots of vanilla frosting to attach the paws to the jumbo cupcake.
  5. Add a chocolate holly to the bear. Push the pretzel end of a chocolate tree into the jumbo cupcake behind the bear’s arm and to the side of the head.

How we assembled it:

  1. Roll out gingerbread and cut a large oval shape from the dough. Bake as directed in the cookie recipe. Allow to cool completely.
  2. Use white frosting to write a greeting on the cookie plaque. Add chocolate holly and a polar bear cupcake. Scatter coconut snow on the plaque.
  3. Place the plaque on your table and let the party begin!

Happy Decorating and Happy Holidays!

Alan and Karen

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