March 30, 2017

Marshmallows are one of our favorite treats for decorating. That’s because they are so versatile! For our Bunny Rabbits we used MARSHMALLOWS for the ears, heads, and even the tails!

Here’s how we made them:

To make the head cut a JUMBO MARSHMALLOW in half.

To make the ears and tail, cut a REGULAR MARSHMALLOW in half. For the ears cut one of the halves into 2 slices and dip a sticky side of each slice in pink decorating sugar. The other half of the marshmallow will be the tail (not dipped in sugar).

To assemble: mound a cupcake with vanilla frosting and roll it in desiccated coconut. Add a dot of frosting to the cupcake ( a little to one side) and add the marshmallow head. Pipe two dots of frosting on the head and add the sugar-coated ears. Use a tube of chocolate decorating frosting (or pipe chocolate frosting from a ziplock) to pipe the mouth and eyes. Add a pink candy heart or candy decor for the nose.


The grass and EASTER EGGS CUPCAKE is just as easy! Frost the cupcake with green frosting and use the tines of a fork to add the grass texture. Place JORDAN ALMONDS in EASTER COLORS on top of the grass. Add CANDY DECORS and lines of vanilla frosting to decorate the eggs.

HOPPY EASTER everyone!

Alan and Karen



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