March 25, 2017

Easter is one of our favorite holidays, and making Easter Cookies is the most fun of all! Here’s a SWEET COOKIE trick from our book Cupcakes, Cookies and Pie, Oh, My!

These peek-a-boo egg cookies are exciting because you get a peek of the Lemon Filling inside the cookie!! But the colorful decoration on the outside is the real SURPRISE!

To decorate the cookies we added drops of food coloring to egg wash and painted them before baking. Here’s how to do it!

Prepare several bowls of egg wash (we thinned the wash with water to keep the colors clear) and tint each a different spring color for Easter. Roll out sugar cookie dough and cut egg shapes from it. (We used a 4-inch cutter.) Cut a hole from the center of half the cookies. Then paint and decorate the cookies with the cut outs as desired.

Bake according to the recipe and let them cool completely. Once cooled pipe royal frosting details on the decorated cookies to highlight the egg wash designs. Let the royal frosting harden completely.

To assemble, spread lemon curd or your favorite filling on the solid cookies, and top each with one of the decorated cookies. Voila! The prettiest Easter cookies ever!

Happy decorating everyone!

Alan and Karen

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