August 4, 2017

The DOG Days of Summer are here—and it’s too darn hot to turn on the oven! That’s why we designed our DOGGONE CUTE PUPPY CAKE using a ready-made family size Sara Lee pound cake, store-bought Entenmann’s donuts, and Twinkies! HOW COOL IS THAT?

We trimmed one end of the pound cake and two of the Twinkies to create the building blocks for our pup. Then we tinted our frosting light grey, melted it in the microwave, and poured the melted frosting over the pieces to give them a smooth coating.

After the frosting firmed we assembled the pieces to create our puppy. (We used a pretzel to hold the tail up.) Looks sort like a SPHINX, right?

Then we added marshmallow ears (dipped in pink sugar), a spice drop nose, Mega M&M’s eyes, and a Starburst tongue. Little tufts of white and grey frosting give it the look of scruffy fur.

Don’t forget to give the dog a bone—Scooby Doo cookies! And a bowl of water made from a donut coated in melted red frosting!

You can read the entire recipe in this week’s issue of Woman’s World Magazine where we create fabulous, fun decorating ideas every month!

Look, our pup is even on the cover!

We hope you are having a wonderful summer—we sure are!

Happy NO-BAKE decorating!

Alan and Karen

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