April 7, 2017

EASY last minute decorating idea for Easter! These sweet bunnies are perfect for your EASTER BASKETS or make enough for a whole party! Here’s how we made them:

Each bunny is made from two cupcakes, a regular size cupcake for the body and a mini cupcake for the head. Frost both cupcakes with vanilla frosting. Coat the body cupcake in coconut, but only roll the edge of the mini in the coconut to outline the face.

For the ears and feet, cut 3 slices from a marshmallow. Cut one of the end pieces in half to use for the arms. Coat the other two piece in pink decorating sugar, allowing the sugar to stick to the sticky side of the slice. These will be the ears.

Cut a carrot shaped wedge from the scalloped edge of an orange fruit slice.

Now you are ready to assemble. Pipe a dime sized dot of melted white chocolate (Wilton Candy Melts) in the center of the body cupcake. Insert a pretzel stick into one side of the mini cupcake head. Now insert the pretzel into the center of the body cupcake, pushing it down until the head comes to rest on its side on top of the dot of melted candy and the body. Pipe two more dots of melted candy at opposite side of the head and attach the marshmallow pieces for the arms.

Make the mouth using chocolate frosting piped from a ziplock bag, and add a pink candy decor for the nose. Pipe two small dots of chocolate frosting for the eyes. Pipe 2 small dots of melted candy to the top edge of the mini cupcake head and add the ears.


Hoppy Easter and Hoppy Decorating!

Alan and Karen

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