March 18, 2017

Some folks look for shapes in clouds. We look for shapes in candy and cookies. When we saw the two big rounded ends of a ‘Nutter Butter and the narrow middle, we immediately thought “BUNNY!”

Follow the diagram above to create your own cookie shapes. Then dip them in melted chocolate candy melts and place them on waxed paper until hardened. Add a dot of frosting with a mini chocolate morsel in the center for the eye (press the pointed end into the frosting).

To complete the basket, push the tapered bottom end of the cookie rabbit into the center of the cupcake and pipe green frosting all over the top of your cupcakes using a ziplock with a very small (scant 1/4 inch) hole or a piping bag fit with a grass tip. Add jellybeans for eggs. (The cookie might soften if it sits too long so we suggest inserting the rabbit no more than 30 minutes before you are ready to present them.)

Perfect for an Easter morning surprise! Our favorite holiday is almost here and the Candy Lab is in full gear so come back for more decorating ideas soon!

Happy decorating!

Alan and Karen


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