November 20, 2016

Larry the Turkey has been with us all the way back to the beginning of our cupcake adventure. He was one of the original HELLO, CUPCAKE projects. And he’s always been one of our most laugh-producing and popular. (I guess everyone has some version of Larry the Turkey in their lives.)

So being in a nostalgic mood this holiday, we thought it was time for Larry’s return appearance—times two!!!

To make Larry, you’ll need a few cupcakes (we recommend pumpkin or spice), caramel frosting, scalloped orange or ginger cookies, candy corn and caramel jimmies.

The entire recipe is on pages 183-5 of our original HELLO, CUPCAKE!

Or you can find the recipe by clicking here.

TIP: Decorate your turkey bodies, heads, and tails the day before but do not assemble them. Instead store them separately on waxed paper and cover lightly with plastic wrap (do not refrigerate and do not seal the plastic wrap). The next day assemble them just before placing them out on your holiday table, using a small dot of frosting for the glue. This will prevent the cookies from getting soft or the head falling off before your party begins.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

Alan and Karen

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