October 19, 2016

As we always say, Halloween is one of our favorite holidays! And here’s one of our favorite Halloween projects! We put on our MAD SCIENTIST hats and came up with this bubbly TEST TUBE CAKE.

Take a close look and you’ll see why we think it’s a real EYEful!!

Test Tubes-22

The recipe itself is really fun to follow, and surprisingly easy. But you will need two colors of frosting: chocolate and vanilla and–believe it or not–acid green chocolate!

Start with a CHOCOLATE LAYER CAKE and frost the outside with DARK CHOCOLATE FROSTING. (Make sure it’s really dark frosting, so the colors will pop.)

Next, take 13 TWINKIES (a good number for Halloween) and trim one end to make it flat.

Then dip the Twinkies (or Cloud Cakes, if you prefer) into the MELTED CHOCOLATE (Wilton Melting Wafers work great for this) that you’ve tinted ACID GREEN. (We used McCORMICK NEON FOOD COLOR.) and place them back side down on a cooling rack. Before the green chocolate hardens add a few white sprinkles to look like bubbles rising in the test tubes!

Once the green chocolate has firmed up, dip the flat end of the Twinkie in WHITE CHOCOLATE melting wafers to look like the foam at the top of each tube.

Attach the Twinkies to the side of the cake using chocolate frosting to secure. Make sure the flat white end is facing up.

To the flat white ends, add ACID GREEN SHIMMER COATED SIXLETS AND PEARLS (get them at Party City), using VANILLA FROSTING to glue them down.

Add more Sixlets and Pearls to the top of the cake, pressing them into the chocolate frosting.

To finish, add CANDY EYEBALLS from Party City.

And there you have it–a gory holiday treat!!

We even added a diabolical drink made from fizzy green soda with a GUMMY WORM in the bottom of each glass!! Enjoy!!!

A big BOO to everyone,

Alan and Karen

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