June 28, 2016

Here’s another SWEET SUMMER idea from our CANDY LAB—STRAWBERRY CUPCAKES that look like actual strawberries!

It all starts very easily with mini-strawberry cupcakes. You can make them using a store-bought strawberry cake mix. Then create little strawberry toppers made from cookies and sesame seeds. The rich red color on our strawberries is made with gel coloring.

Food Coloring2

You can make the callix from spice drops or spearmint leaves for a super taste treat. And for the stems, we used sweet little snack sticks. (Snack sticks are always a great thing to have around. They can be used for everything from antlers, legs, and arms—to stems for strawberries.)

Snack Sticks

When you’re done, serve them with freshly whipped cream—and you’ve got a super summer treat!!!

It’s guaranteed to make you BERRY happy.

Here’s to more summer fun,

Alan and Karen

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