July 16, 2016

Time to harvest your spring peas, so we recreated one of our favorite cupcake recipes for Snap Chat! If you haven’t seen our Snap Recipes yet, let us be the first to tell you that they are loads of fun. It’s a completely visual recipe snapped right to our Snap Chat Story line. Just add whatsnewcupcake to your Snap account and wait for the fun to begin!!!

Here’s a sneak peak of the kind of recipe–in four easy steps–you’ll see on Snap Chat:

Pea Pods


Meanwhile, here’s the non-Snap-Chat version of how we made them:

You will need green Laffy Taffy. Green Sixlets or M&Ms. Oreo cookie crumbs. Chocolate frosting. And of course cupcakes!

Roll out the Laffy Taffy and trim into a pea pod shape (see photo above) and also a thin strip for the tendril. Add a row of green candy to the pod and press the sides and ends to cradle the peas. Twist the tendril. Frost the cupcakes and top each with two pea pods and a tendril. Sprinkle the chocolate frosting with Oreo cookie crumb dirt.

That’s it!!

Happy Pea-eating!!

Alan and Karen


PS You can add us to your Snap Chat by Snapping the code below (or add username whatsnewcupcake) You can also follow the fun on Instagram at whatsnewcupcake

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