June 6, 2016

PINK MARSHMALLOWS make PINK PIGGIES even easier!! When we saw pink marshmallows in the grocery aisle we knew they would make our piggies PRETTY IN PINK!

And to make things even easier we decorated them in four easy steps! Here’s how we did it:

1. Snip a pink marshmallow in half on the diagonal. Dip the sticky cut sides in pink decorating sugar. Cut a second pink marshmallow in half crosswise, one of the halves will be the snout. Use scissors to make a small slit in the side of the snout to create a mouth (see photo).

2. Form a teardrop shaped tongue from a small piece of pink Laffy Taffy. Press a line in the center of the tongue using a paring knife.

3. Frost a cupcake with pink frosting. Add the snout marshmallow to the lower center of the cupcake. Add the two ear marshmallows above the mouth. (Make sure they are completely on top of the frosted cupcake, and sugar side up, so they don’t fall off.)

4. Add chocolate M&Ms for the eyes, and two small dashes of chocolate frosting for the nostrils. Insert the Laffy Taffy tongue in the slit made for the mouth. That’s it, so simple!

Piggie Cupcakes QuadPhoto from INSTAGRAM whatsnewcupcake

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Happy decorating,

Alan and Karen

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