January 9, 2016

Here’s a great project for a SLEEPOVER PARTY. After you try it, we think you’ll agree: Making your bed has never been more fun!

We made this sleepover cake using store-bought Sara Lee Pound Cake. But you could just as easily shape the bed from a homemade cake baked in a loaf pan or a layer cake cut to size.

Before frosting, trim about 1/4 of the cake from one end and set aside. (This will become the support to hold up the headboard.)

Frost the cake with a generous layer of pink frosting and add Pearls, Sixlets, or other sugar decorations to create the design for the coverlet and add a row of candy for the trim at the bottom.

For the headboard, we used graham crackers glued together with melted white chocolate. We coated the entire headboard with a layer of the melted white chocolate, pressed a straw into the soft coating to create the diamond pattern, and added white pearls to create a chic upholstered look. We edged the headboard in chocolate Ovation sticks and gave it knobs made from mini gum balls. Next frost the reserved 1/4 section of cake and use it as a support to hold the headboard at the head end of the bead.

The final (and we think best) part of the cake is the glamorous pillow roll decorating the bed. To make it, we attached three marshmallows end to end, and trimmed each end of the pillow roll with a circle of white iridescent pearls.

Want to make this a real party cake? Prepare several small bed cakes ahead of time, including the headboards, and let your sleepover guests decorate them. That should give everyone something sweet to dream about.

Happy Decorating,

Alan and Karen

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