February 17, 2016

The Academy Awards are almost here. And each year, we concoct these cupcake statuettes for our annual OSCAR PARTY.  We love to gather a group of old friends together, print out some ballots and compete to see who’s the most Oscar savvy. Of course, everyone wins a cupcake of their own.

Our coveted statue sits on a chocolate-covered cupcake and mini-donut base. The glittery figure itself is made out of a creme wafer, a pretzel and a malt ball. Better than real gold, if you ask us.

The complete recipe can be found on our Duncan Hines page. You can find it by clicking here.

Give it a try. Then get your ballots ready. (Just between us, this year, we’re betting on either SPOTLIGHT or THE REVENANT to win Best Picture.)

See you on the red carpet,

Alan and Karen

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