October 14, 2016

The days are growing shorter. There’s a chill in the air. And a certain scary holiday is just around the corner. All of this means: It’s time for SPOOKY CAKE POPS!!!

We came up with this wicked pair a little while back. And they’ve been a SPOOK-TACULAR hit with the neighborhood kids. (And, believe me, we see a ton of trick-or-treaters on Halloween night! We live close to SLEEPY HOLLOW.)

We call them IGOR and DR. CYCLOPS.

This diabolical duo are made from Dunkin Munchkins. We put the Munchkins on plastic forks and dipped them in melted frosting.

We stitched up Igor using chocolate frosting and an orange Sunnyseed Drop.

Dr. Cyclops gets his good eye from a Gummy Lifesaver and a Junior Mint.

Don’t hesitate to try your own variations. That’s why we love Halloween! There are so many eerie ways to go!!!

Happy Decorating,

Alan and Karen

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