March 21, 2016

This gorgeous Easter cake could be the crown jewel of any holiday table. But you don’t need to be a Czar (or Czarina) to own it. It’s one of the EGG SHAPED CAKES from our latest book CAKE MY DAY! 

In fact, ever since we created this egg shape, we keep coming up for new ways to use it. We originally created the shape using three separate cooking vessels: A 4-cup oven safe measuring cup, a 1-cup oven safe measuring cup, and a 1-quart oven safe bowl.

We stacked the cakes starting with the bowl cake at the bottom, the upside down 4-cup cake in the middle, and the upside down 1-cup cake on top. (See photo below.)


(A note on baking in oven safe glass: Be sure to follow the manufacturers directions for use. Never place a heated glass container directly on a cool or wet surface. Always place the heated oven safe glass vessel on a cooling rack when you remove it from the oven, and let it cool completely before handling.)

To decorate the Faberge Egg, we used shimmer coated Jelly Belly jellybeans. We followed our fancy for swirls in our design, but you could create any pattern you wish. Other candies such as pearlized Sixlets, M&Ms, Skittles or even sugar coated spice drops would also work. You can find entire Faberge Egg Cake recipe beginning on page 220 of our book.

Of course, once we master a cake shape, we continue to explore the possibilities. So we created several more egg-shaped cakes in CAKE MY DAY!, including a Baby Egg Cake and a Halloween Ghost Cake. You can see them all starting on page 216. (We even used the same shape for a whimsical Dinosaur Egg Cake that appeared in Parents Magazine—and it appeared here on the blog.)

Explore this shape for yourself. We are sure there are more ideas hidden in this Good Egg shape!

Dinosaur Egg Cake-38

Happy decorating,

Alan and Karen

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