February 12, 2015

Clearly, we were already thinking about Valentine’s Day while we were at the Sugar Fair in Germany a few weeks ago.

We were invited to Germany to help man the SweetWorks booth, where we busily greeted fans and improvised new projects. And we quickly worked up 2 Valentines dessert projects we think might help if you’re in a time crunch.

One of the great things we learn when we decorate on the fly is how to create projects that have a lot of impact using whatever baked goods are available from the grocery store. Germany posed a special challenge because the dessert treats there are so different from the ones in our stores. It was a bit like “Grocery Store Games” with the two of us racing through the aisles, grabbing any and every treat that looks like a good possibility.

The project at the top of this post uses a store-bought rectangular cake we found. We covered it with vanilla frosting. Then we added an assortment of Sixlets in pink, black, white and red. We laid them out in a pattern of hugs and kisses (Xs and Os). Then we placed the cake on a piece of heart-shaped felt—to complete the presentation. Easy as that!

The project below is reminiscent of the much more ambitious HEART CAKE from our last post. But it’s actually a gathering of store-bought treats: marshmallow topped cookies, cupcakes, small cakes, and cookies. Some were already frosted. Some needed frosting. And some we sandwiched together with frosting. Once again, we covered them with various patterns of Sixlets, Pearls and Gumballs in Valentines Day colors. And we placed them on a red felt-shaped heart. Simply follow the photo—or come up with your own great variations!!

Valentine Cookies germany

We hope these speedy projects leave you plenty of time for other Valentines Day activities.

And we’ll be back soon with more of our projects from Germany.

Happy Decorating,

Alan and Karen

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