October 10, 2015

These aren’t cakes FOR kids. They’re cakes BY kids!

We were thrilled to see all the great cakes created by kids at the Oklahoma State Sugar Artists Show this year. Whenever we arrive at the OSSA Show, we make a bee-line for the junior division. There’s always lots of Hello, Cupcake pizazz to be seen, including candy for decorations (which is not allowed in the other divisions).

We love word play, and when we saw the Owl with the Book of Smarts (above) we thought, “Who’d a thunk it?” The fondant feathers and books were remarkably well done. Kudos!


This Island and Palm Tree Cake really took us by surprise. Not only did it use cookie crumbs for the sand, but it also incorporated Sixlets into the waves and as a border at the bottom. Nice Candy Detective work there!

And last but definitely not least, we loved this PIZZA CAKE complete with box and pizza wheel. The crust looked tasty, and the assorted candies made it look so real. Can you guess what they are? (Now it’s your turn to play Candy Detective!)


We’re sure all three young cakemakers will soon graduate to the main event. And we can’t wait to see more fun cakes from the Junior Division at the show next year.

Happy Decorating,

Alan and Karen

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