February 26, 2015

COLOR COORDINATION is always a good idea when you’re planning a party.

Lately we’ve been designing party cakes and cupcakes to echo the colors and patterns of products we find at various party stores. After all, if you going to match your napkins, paper cups and tablecloths, you might as well match your desserts.

For this particular project, we started with a ten-inch round cake. We covered it in vanilla frosting. And then we took some shimmer-coated Sixlets and carefully lined them up to match the paper tray liner.

Easy as that! And we’re sure you can accomplish a similar effect with jelly beans, M&Ms and lots of other candies. Try checked and polka-dotted papers too, for a real challenge!

Give it a try! We bet it elicits some ohhhhs and ahhhhs!

Happy Decorating,

Alan and Karen

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