March 7, 2015

OWLS in pretty colors are very on-trend in the design world right now. We see them on patterns everywhere! So why not on cupcakes?

Besides, we can’t think of a decorating project that’s a bigger HOOT!

We built each owl on a jumbo cupcake, tinting the frosting to match the candies we planned to use. We chose colors that reminded us of Spring: green, pink, blue, and yellow.

Here are the recipe details:

Frost the top of the cupcake and smooth. Using a small paring knife and a Golden OREO Cookie, slide the knife under one side of the sandwich cookie to separate the cookie and keep the filling on one side. Using a small serrated knife and a gentle sawing motion, cut the cookie half without frosting in half crosswise.

For the eyes, press two OREO cookie halves with frosting, frosted side up, side by side, into the upper portion of the frosted cupcake. Add a Junior Mint to each eye for the pupil. Using dots of frosting to secure, add Baby Face Tears candies in a coordinating color around each eye. (We varied the pattern for each owl so they would each have a unique look.)

For the wings, press one piece of the cut cookies, patterned side up, into the cupcake on either side, just below the eyes. Again, vary the positions so each is unique.

For the owl horns, press one piece of the cut cookies, patterned side up, into the frosting above the eye behind the Baby Face Tears.

For the beak, add a Baby Face Tears candy in a contrasting color just below and between the eyes.

For the body feathers, add three horizontal rows of squiggled vanilla frosting to the cupcake below the beak. Also using the vanilla frosting add a small white highlight to each eye.

Place pretzel rods below each owl as a branch, and attach yellow Kookie Bananas at the base of the cupcake for the talons.

For the leaves, we added corn flakes coated in melted green frosting. And there you have it.

We also did a variation on these owls in our newest book, CAKE MY DAY! (Click here for book info.) In the book, we used Sara Lee Pound Cake in place of the jumbo cupcakes!

Owl Cakes-blog

Cake or cupcake, we guarantee: your friends will flock to these fine feathered flights of fancy!

Happy Decorating,

Alan and Karen

Cake My Day!

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