February 21, 2015

A NEW book means NEW author photos. But while we always know how to make a cake look good, when it comes to us….that’s a different story.

Our publisher said, “You can’t keep using the same photo from when BILL CLINTON WAS PRESIDENT!!” But we were hesitant. Karen worried about her hair. Alan worried about his lack of it. So we decided we needed some gentle handholding and asked our photographer friend Jorge Madrigal ( to come to the Candy Lab. We thought we would feel at ease in our own work space.

The photo session started like they all do. We were VERY STIFF and had FROZEN SMILES on our faces. It wasn’t until Karen pushed Alan off his stool and pretended to hog the camera lens that we started laughing and loosening up. A few minutes later Alan held a big pound cake in front of Karen’s face while the camera snapped. That really got the ball rolling.

Several hours later (poor Jorge) we reviewed the images on the back of the camera and realized PANDEMONIUM had overtaken the shoot. We had portraits with us holding towering piles of cakes BARELY balanced on plates, a long series of us racing around with frosting STREAMING out of piping bags…

That’s when a wise photographer steps in and and says, “BEHAVE YOURSELVES FOR ONE MINUTE, PLEASE!” Jorge handed us the Work Boot Cake which just happened to be sitting nearby. He deftly guided us around the Candy Lab until he got a beautiful color background, and then snapped about six perfect portraits of us proudly showing one of our favorite projects from the book.

We all looked at the preview screen and knew immediately that THE SHOOT WAS OVER. Besides, all that ham and baloney had made us very hungry.  And off we all went to our favorite restaurant in town, Las Brisas, for a celebration of tacos and a JOB WELL DONE! Thank you, Jorge!

Hope everyone likes our new “official” picture.

Alan and Karen

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