February 16, 2015

Can you guess who inspired this delicious doll cake? We created it while attending the ISM sugar fair in Germany—and we couldn’t wait to show everyone at home. (Hint: We were inspired by one of our favorite TV shows.)

Time’s up. Believe it or not, this cake was inspired by big, blonde, woman warrior BRIENNE OF TARTH, our favorite character from GAME OF THRONES! We almost went with a KHALESSI cake. Then we considered TYRION LANNISTER. But mighty Brienne won the battle this time. (Do we sound like GAMES nerds? That’s OK—because WE ARE!!!)

Brienne was really fun to create and assemble. Here’s how we did it:

More and more, we teach and demo on the fly, and that has made us really appreciate a whole new aisle in the grocery store. That is, the snack and cookie aisle. We can’t always bake cupcakes and cakes to take on the road (and we know you don’t always have time to make them either). That’s when all those interestingly shaped packaged snacks and treats become especially useful.

To create the shape for our Brienne of Tarth doll, we started with a basic pound cake from the bakery section of the grocery. We removed a slice from one end and then trimmed the corners to create the shoulders. We shaped the two corner pieces we’d removed to create the short arms.

For the legs, we found German snack cakes that looked almost like good old American Twinkies, but a little more square in shape. The head is a jumbo sweet muffin also from the bakery case. And the hands and feet are made from store bought cookies, cat tongues for the hands and chocolate covered square shaped cookies for the feet. So you see, Brienne is totally assembled from the bakery and the snack aisle at the grocers.

The decorations we used are pretty simple. We gave all the cakes and snack cakes a coating of vanilla frosting except for the large muffin which we frosted pink.

The pink arms and blue pants are made from Candy Crumble (a crushed vanilla candy we discovered at ISM) and the red and blue buttons are Pearls, Sixlets, and Mini Gumballs. We gave Brienne an Ovation Stick belt, and candy hearts for a bow tie.

For the face we used Baby Tears (nose), Sixlets (cheeks), Red Banana (mouth), and black Sixlets (eyes). And for her signature hair? Yellow Banana candies! Her little Westie companion (new next season?) is made from a cupcake with frosting for fur. (See the Westies recipe from our original Hello, Cupcake! book.)

And there she is, the bold Brienne: ready for whatever comes at her from Winterfell, King’s Landing or beyond The Wall!!

Happy Decorating,

Alan and Karen

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