May 26, 2015

June is right around the corner and wedding plans are in the air. What better way to congratulate the couple than with a Wedding Bells Cake. The cake is really simple to decorate but has a big WOW factor! It’s so pretty you might want to make one for your own anniversary, too!

How we made it:

Start with a 2 round cakes, 8 or 9 inches will work perfectly. You can use any cake flavor but Duncan Hines French Vanilla is our favorite for this design. Stack the cakes with a little frosting in between, and then give the entire cake a crumb coat of frosting. Pop it into the freezer for about 20-30 minutes to chill.

For the decorations the amount of candy will vary depending on the cake size. You will need:

About 2 cups pale blue Sixlets

About 1 cup yellow Sixlets

About 1 cup shimmer white Wedding Bells

About 1/2 cup pale blue Pearls

Frost just the top of the chilled cake and smooth. (You don’t want to frost too much at a time because the frosting will begin to set before you have time to add the candies to it.)

Starting at the center use a toothpick to draw the outline of the wedding bell design. (Use our photo as a guide. If you are not comfortable doing it freehand then print out our image and enlarge it on a copy machine to fit your cake.)

Starting with the center bell, add blue Sixlets to the shape. Next add yellow Sixlets for the underside of the bell. Follow that with the second bell on the right, using yellow Sixlets for the bell and pale blue for the underside.

Frost the side of the cake, and smooth. Add a row of bell candies end to end all along the edge of the cake. Choose seven spots equally spaced around the cake and remove a wedding bell. Place a pale blue Sixlet in the spots where you removed the wedding bells. Starting and ending at the blue Sixlets, attach pale blue Pearl candies around the side of the cake in a swag pattern.

Add pale blue Sixlets along the base of the cake.

Using a dot of frosting to secure, add wedding bell candies as the clanger to each bell, and one at the top of the center bell. Add two wedding bell candies to either side of the pale blue Sixlets at the top of the swag. Add two wedding bell candies and a yellow Sixlet inside the center of each swag.

And Ring-a-Ding-Ding, that’s it!!

Happy Decorating,

Alan and Karen

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