August 24, 2015

Before summer is over—and we find ourselves singing “Where Have All the Flowers Gone”—we thought we’d offer up some QUICK AND EASY late summer flower projects.

The photos are pretty much self-explanatory once you realize that all we’ve done is pick the right dessert base (brownies, cookies and chocolate pie), creatively position various candies on the top—and glue them on with frosting.

Use any of your favorites. Just be sure they are colorful. Sixlets, jellybeans, gum balls, Pearls, M&Ms, Good and Plenty, Spree, and Runts all work perfectly for this.

The project at the top of the page is made from 3 brownies, covered in chocolate frosting. We use various colors of Sixlets for the petals with a contrasting Sixlet for the center, Green Baby Tears for the leaves and a yellow licorice lace for the stem.

Below, there’s a rainbow-colored SUNFLOWER. We used big sugar cookies for the base. We placed them on flowers cut out from colorful felt. Then we decorated them using rainbow colors of Sixlets in concentric circles, with frosting as the glue of course.

And here’s a chocolate pudding cake in a tart shell, covered with three different size daisies. We made the centers of the daisies from yellow Sixlets, and gum balls in mini and regular sizes. We surrounded them with white petals made from mini gum balls, Sixlets, and Pearls. We added green Sixlets around the base.


We’ll have a few more fabulous flower projects for you over the next few weeks. We’re out to prove that making flowers from candy is as easy as collecting a big bouquet from your backyard.

Happy Decorating,

Alan and Karen

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