November 28, 2015

Remember Cherry Cola? Back in Mississippi, we used to sip it at Kress’s soda fountain counter after an afternoon of movies at the Saenger Theater. Back then, it was made by adding cherry syrup to RC Cola. Instead of cherry syrup, our fun update uses store bought sugar cookie dough, red decorating sugar, and red licorice lace to create a cherry cookie hanger for your cola!!

Here’s how Karen and I did it:

We cut circles from the rolled out sugar cookie dough and then made a slit in the dough that is large enough to accommodate the rim of the glass. (This might take a little trial and error to get the right cut to match the glasses you want to use.)

We cut 3 inch lengths from the red licorice lace and pressed one piece into each cookie.

When the cookies are baked according to the store-bought cookie dough directions, the licorice lace bakes in place and becomes stiff, just like a cherry stem.

While the cookies cool, heat a small amount of Karo syrup in a saucepan just until the syrup begins to simmer. Paint each cookie with the heated syrup and sprinkle with red decorating sugar while the syrup is still soft. (The heated syrup will firm and lose its stickiness as it cools.) A little dash of chocolate frosting gives the cherries shape.

Hang the cookie on the rim of your glass and um-mmm. Takes me right back to those lazy Biloxi afternoons!

Happy sipping!


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