March 12, 2015

In the world of cake and cupcake decorating, discovering a NEW CANDY is like discovering GOLD! It can lead to all sorts of new horizons and fresh possibilities. And we’ve got a great discovery for you.

We came across it when we were manning the Sweetworks booths in San Francisco and Germany recently. It’s called CANDY CRUMBLE. We used it to give a different, delicious (and, we think, delightful) texture to the ICE CREAM CONE CUPCAKES you see above and the BIRTHDAY CUPCAKES you see below.

Candy Crumble Party Cakes

At the Candy Lab, we often use colorful coatings to add pizzazz to our designs. Usually, our go-to coatings are decorating sugar and sprinkles or jimmies. But unlike the other two, Candy Crumble has a softer look, being a mix of pastel color and white, yet it gives greater texture to the surface coating.

The white-and-color mix also makes it very versatile. We found that when you add it to chocolate frosting, the pastel and the white colors both pop. When you add it to white frosting, just the pastel color pops. And when you add it to a frosting that matches the pastel color, you can actually intensify the entire coating color.

If you’re wondering about the flavor, CANDY CRUMBLE is a soft vanilla—which works nicely with so many other flavors you might have going on, and it is not too sweet. Plus it comes in four different colors: PINK, POWDER BLUE, LAVENDER and LIME GREEN!

For more info, click here to go to the product page.

We have an idea for using it on some Easter Egg Cupcakes—which we’ll feature here (as soon as we nail the recipe). So keep your eyes on the blog.

Happy Decorating,

Alan and Karen

PS We called the company to see where you can find it, and because it is new, the distribution is limited right now. JoAnn’s has it, so does A. C. Moore. Michael’s, TARGET, and WALMART should be coming soon! So keep an eye out for it!

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