April 3, 2015

We’ve been having a TON OF FUN with the book launch of CAKE MY DAY! We love meeting fans of our books at various events. And TV appearances are something we’ve really learned to enjoy. I guess we’re just BIG HAMS AT HEART. (Wait! That sounds like a great cake idea!)

We had an amazing time on THE TODAY SHOW with Kathie Lee and Hoda last week. See the video below.

They featured Karen in the show’s VERY FIRST segment (an honored spot to be in). Karen taught them how to make a Pineapple Cake. (Watch as Karen goes into piping overdrive when decorating the cake takes too long.) She also taught them how to make marshmallows Bunnies for our Bunny Hill Cake. (Bunny Down–when KLG forgets to use enough frosting to glue the bunny to the cake.)

Thanks to the entire TODAY Show cast and crew (especially Kathie Lee and Hoda) for always making us feel like ROCK STARS! And keep your eyes open for Alan who makes a last second appearance.

And don’t worry. We promise all the attention isn’t going to our heads!

Regards from your favorite TV STARS,

Alan and Karen


p.s. Here is the URL for the TODAY Show video if you need it:



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