June 4, 2015

If you ever wondered how our books come together, take a look at our CAKE MY DAY work board. Now that the book is out, we’re about to dismantle this board—which we’ve been building for months—to make room for our next big idea. But before we take it down, we thought it might be fun to share it with you. It’s sort of like a picture of the inside of our brains…scattered!

We started many months ago, by writing our ideas down on this big blackboard—which is almost the size of an entire wall at the Candy Lab. (This photo is just a small section of it.) On it are our thoughts and scribbles about possible projects, some that made it all the way into the book, and more than a few that didn’t! As the book evolved we added new project ideas to the first ones, creating groups and discovering where we needed to grow our ideas.

Slowly we test each project, taking polaroids all along the way. We arrange and rearrange and arrange them again to make sense of the chapters and develop a flow for the book.

Once we’re done, A BOOK IS BORN!

It’s hard to dismantle our work board. So much history is up there, along with a lot of fun. (A neighbor at the Candy Lab stopped us in the hall one day and asked us what was always so funny in our office? That really made us laugh!)

But it has to be done—to make room for our NEW PROJECTS.

So good-bye, old CAKE MY DAY work board.


Alan and Karen

P.S. Don’t forget to pick up CAKE MY DAY by clicking here.

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