March 23, 2015

It’s FIESTA time—the BIG DAY is finally here!!! Tuesday March 24th is the official launch date of our new book CAKE MY DAY! It feels like we’ve been waiting for this for months. (Oh wait! We HAVE been waiting for this for months!) We hope you catch us on the TODAY Show Tuesday with Kathie Lee and Hoda. (Watch out ladies! We are going to see if you can turn Pringles potato chips into leaves, frost a pineapple, and make marshmallows Easter bunnies! It should be quite a show!)

Cake My Day!

“Launch Day” means that Cake My Day! is now in stores—everywhere from your local book nook to the Big Box outlets. And online sites out there in the wide world of the web can ship your order right away! (See AMAZON and BARNES & NOBLE and Indie Bound links below.) We’re so excited to finally share our cakes with you!

We’re really proud of this book. It took a ton of work—but we think it turned out great! And judging from the reviews we’ve gotten so far, other folks agree. Entertainment Weekly says it best: “These adorable cakes will render your Pinterest account totally useless.” (You’ll have to excuse us for shamelessly blowing our own horn. After all, it is LAUNCH DAY!!!!!!!)

Cake My Day! gives us our biggest canvas yet, with cakes made in both everyday and unexpected shapes. We encourage you to use all those pans and bowls you already own to make these brand new cake creations.

You probably never thought about decorating a loaf cake, much less a cake baked in a measuring cup. Yet our Piñata Cake above is baked in both! We gave these shapes the Hello Cupcake treatment. Using spice drops for decorations, we created a party cake that will be a smash!

Cake My Day! introduces loads of NEW DECORATING TECHNIQUES too—like FLAVOR PAINTING which we used on our PRINCESS AND THE PEA cake, below. Flavor Painting creates vibrant color you would never expect from regular liquid food coloring, and it is as much fun as finger painting!

Pea in the Bed Cake-10

And if you are as lazy as we are, sometimes you don’t even want to turn on your oven. That’s why we devoted an entire chapter to store bought frozen pound cakes, like Sara Lee. Our WORK BOOT CAKE uses frozen pound cake topped with a stack of chocolate doughnuts to create the boot shape. We even show you how to turn the boot into a high top sneaker or a pink Aussie Hugs boot!

Work Boot26

So join us on our new adventure! And don’t worry—we haven’t forgotten about our first love CUPCAKES! You’ll be seeing plenty of them in the future—including RIGHT HERE ON THE BLOG!

In the meantime, you can find CAKE MY DAY! on Amazon by clicking here, and at Barnes & Noble by clicking here and at Indie Bound by clicking here!

Wish us Luck and Keep on Cupcaking!

Alan and Karen

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