April 23, 2015

Today was a BIG DAY at work. It was the birthday of one of our Candy Lab dogs BUNNY!! And, of course, LUCKY was there to share the fun.

(For those who don’t know, that’s Bunny, Karen’s Wheaten Terrier, on the right. And that’s Lucky, Alan’s Schnauzer, on the left.)

We couldn’t let the day go by without decorating a couple of birthday cupcakes for Bunny—although she isn’t very good at blowing out the candles. She seemed to want Lucky to do it for her. (Bunny always keeps an eye on Lucky just in case she gets too close to her kibble!)

Still, they’re great dogs and always ready to pose for the camera.

Of course, we were the ones who got to eat the cupcakes. But we made sure our pets had some nice dog-appropriate b’day treats of their own.

And it did get us thinking: By the time the next canine birthday rolls around, maybe we can develop a cupcake recipe that’s good for our pups. That gives us till Halloween, which happens to be Lucky’s birthday.

Happy Decorating,

Alan and Karen

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