March 21, 2015

Some people think of cakes as food. But we tend to think of them as art. Well, somewhere between food and art. So with art in mind, we came up with this painter’s palette cake. We love any kind of project that allows us to go crazy with color!!

Here’s how we did it:

What you are seeing is a shape cut from a 9 X 13 single layer cake. We curved the corners of one end of the rectangle and then narrowed the other end and rounded the corners to create the palette shape. (Don’t worry, we didn’t waste those cake pieces, we threw them in the freezer to use later for Cake Pops!) The idea of changing the shape of an ordinary cake comes straight from our newest book, Cake My Day!

Before decorating, we gave the entire cake a crumb coating (more on “crumb coating” in a future blog) and placed it in the freezer for about 30 minutes to chill. This not only glues down the loose crumbs, but also gives us a firm cake for handling while decorating.

We coated the top of the chilled cake with vanilla frosting, and the sides with chocolate frosting, and smoothed. Once frosted, we added the chocolate jimmies to the side of the cake first. (Adding them later might have smudged our decorations on the top.) Then we created six circles of color using blue, green, yellow, red, pink, and purple shimmer-coated Sixlets.

The hole was added to the palette using chocolate frosting.

For the brush, we combined three Ovation Sticks using chocolate frosting to secure, and placed a cluster of yellow Banana Candies at the end for the bristles, with a red Banana Candy for the trim.

And there you have it. A work of art—ready to devour with both your eyes and mouth!

Happy Cake-Making,

Alan and Karen

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