January 22, 2015

Our neighbors have been talking about their winter doldrums. So we thought it’s time to offer the type of project that always lifts the spirit. Yep, it’s time for one of our CREATURE FEATURES!!

Critter faces are always some of our most awww-inducing projects. And we love creating them. In fact, when you consider all the animal cupcakes we’ve decorated over the years, it adds up to quite a zoo!!!

Someday, we plan on making a great big group photo of the entire menagerie. But for now, here are four furry additions to the family: A RED FOX, A RACCOON, A SQUIRREL (our dog Lucky’s favorite) and A SKUNK (Lucky’s least favorite).

We think of it as our WOODLAND QUARTET!!

All four projects use some of our most basic ingredients and techniques. For the detailed recipes, hike on over to our special Duncan Hines pages by CLICKING HERE.

Here’s to warmer days on the horizon,

Alan and Karen

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