August 24, 2015

MUM’S THE WORD on the blog today, as we whip up some classic Chrysanthemum Cupcakes.

Over the years, this project has been so popular, we’ve created many versions and variations.

The original version—which you see above—was from our book WHAT’S NEW, CUPCAKE. Its defining characteristics are mini-marshmallows cut diagonally and dipped in colored sugar. You can find the entire recipe on page 138 of WHAT’S NEW, CUPCAKE.

Below, you’ll find a variation. These mums contain larger petals which we made from regular sized marshmallows.


For these large petaled flowers, we started by tinting white sprinkles a pretty salmon pink using McCormick Food Coloring. Just place the white sprinkles in a ziplock bag and add NEON Pink food coloring to the bag. Zip it shut and shake to tint the sprinkles. Spread the tinted sprinkles on a sheet of wax paper to dry, about 10-15 minutes.

For the large petals, we use scissors to snip regular marshmallows into slices, three from each marshmallow. Then we dipped the marshmallow slices in the dried sprinkles to coat the sticky sides of the petals.

Place 5 petals on top of a green frosted cupcake and add a yellow spice drop for the center. EASY!

If your attitude toward mums is “MORE IS MORE” (one of our guiding principles here at the Candy Lab), we have a third, somewhat subtle variation for you. You’ll find the photo and a complete step-by-step recipe on the McCormick site by simply clicking here.

Now that should be enough projects to satisfy any lover of mums—and cupcakes!!

Happy Decorating,

Alan and Karen

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