September 6, 2014

These lovable Penguin cupcakes have always been a big hit—so big, in fact, that their CANDYMATION adventures even made it to our app.

And you have to agree: When it comes to CUPCAKE CLASSICS, these guys are the COOLEST.

We got the idea just about the time we created our BOWLING PIN cupcakes. For that project, we put a donut hole on top of a regular cupcake. And we thought: Wow! We can do a lot more things with that!!

We added some chocolate frosting and a fruit chew for a beak and—lo and behold—we were halfway to penguins.

Shaved COCONUT proved to be perfect for the snow. But we used so much of it—especially when we did the app—we’re STILL finding coconut in the Candy Lab carpet!

You can see more of these icy fellows on the back cover of HELLO, CUPCAKE! and on pages 44-7.

Happy Penguin-making,

Alan and Karen

p.s. For those who are so inclined, you can watch a penguin animation (or what we call a CANDYMATION) on our BOOKS page.

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