November 14, 2014

Every now and then, we like to share the books that excite us—especially when it’s something that might really please our blog readers.

So we definitely wanted to pass on our enjoyment of a new book by baker Patti Paige: YOU CAN’T JUDGE A COOKIE BY ITS CUTTER.

Her basic idea is really original. Patti shows how you can make any number of playful creations out of a single cookie cutter, simply by shifting your perspective a bit. Take a look at two cookies she sent us: a bat and a moon—both made from the same cookie cutter.


Pretty ingenious, no?

Plus along the way, Patti shares her favorite cookie dough recipes, and she offers all sorts of helpful baking tips and techniques.

If you like our books, we think you’ll really enjoy Patti’s.

Happy Reading,

Alan and Karen

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