September 8, 2014

People always ask us: What are your most POPULAR projects?

So we took a semi-scientific poll (that is, we asked a bunch of friends and fans). And we came up with a rough list of GREATEST HITS.

We thought we’d feature some of these “classics” on our NEW BLOG–especially since some of them go pretty far back at this point. So here’s one of our ALL-TIME top vote-getters:  SPAGHETTI AND MEATBALL CUPCAKES.

This project really fools the eye. At public appearances, we find that SO many people think it’s actually pasta—which is lots of fun. We think that’s one of the main reasons this project is so popular.

It’s also very easy to accomplish. All you need are a few piping skills—to pipe out the spaghetti shaped frosting—and the ability to dunk a Ferrero Rocher chocolate into some strawberry jam.

For the complete instructions, check out pages 34-5 of out original HELLO, CUPCAKE! book. And you’re sure to find yourself saying, “That’s Italian!!”

Happy Cupcaking,

Alan and Karen

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