April 22, 2017

Our favorite candies for decorating are the ones that are so flexible we end up using them in a million different ways. LAFFY TAFFY is one of those magical confections that you can roll, twist, melt, or slice and it still TASTES GREAT! The green taffies are the color of Spring…SPRING PEAS to be exact! Here is a really simple, really fun project using them. We promise it will leave your friends scratching their head wondering how you did it!


  1. Roll the taffy on a sheet of waxed paper. Use a small pair of scissors to cut a long spear shape from the taffy.
  2. Place three or four green Sixlets in a line down the center of the shape. Fold the taffy in from the sides and shape it around the sides of the SIXLETS to make a pea pod.
  3. Use some of the taffy trimmed from the pear shapes and roll it into a thin snake shape. Twist the thin snake shape to make a tendril.
  4. Cover the cupcakes with chocolate frosting and smooth. Add a few chocolate cookie crumbs for dirt. Top the cupcake with two peas and a tendril.

Happy Spring Decorating!

Alan and Karen


April 7, 2017

EASY last minute decorating idea for Easter! These sweet bunnies are perfect for your EASTER BASKETS or make enough for a whole party! Here’s how we made them:

Each bunny is made from two cupcakes, a regular size cupcake for the body and a mini cupcake for the head. Frost both cupcakes with vanilla frosting. Coat the body cupcake in coconut, but only roll the edge of the mini in the coconut to outline the face.

For the ears and feet, cut 3 slices from a marshmallow. Cut one of the end pieces in half to use for the arms. Coat the other two piece in pink decorating sugar, allowing the sugar to stick to the sticky side of the slice. These will be the ears.

Cut a carrot shaped wedge from the scalloped edge of an orange fruit slice.

Now you are ready to assemble. Pipe a dime sized dot of melted white chocolate (Wilton Candy Melts) in the center of the body cupcake. Insert a pretzel stick into one side of the mini cupcake head. Now insert the pretzel into the center of the body cupcake, pushing it down until the head comes to rest on its side on top of the dot of melted candy and the body. Pipe two more dots of melted candy at opposite side of the head and attach the marshmallow pieces for the arms.

Make the mouth using chocolate frosting piped from a ziplock bag, and add a pink candy decor for the nose. Pipe two small dots of chocolate frosting for the eyes. Pipe 2 small dots of melted candy to the top edge of the mini cupcake head and add the ears.


Hoppy Easter and Hoppy Decorating!

Alan and Karen


April 5, 2017


Easter is coming and this is the perfect season for combining CUPCAKES & JELLY BELLY JELLYBEANS! We made these adorable SHEEP in SPRING COLORS that taste great, too! Watch our how-to tutorial on You Tube to see how we made them! They’re so BAHHHD they’re GOOD!

Happy Easter!

Alan and Kren


March 30, 2017

Marshmallows are one of our favorite treats for decorating. That’s because they are so versatile! For our Bunny Rabbits we used MARSHMALLOWS for the ears, heads, and even the tails!

Here’s how we made them:

To make the head cut a JUMBO MARSHMALLOW in half.

To make the ears and tail, cut a REGULAR MARSHMALLOW in half. For the ears cut one of the halves into 2 slices and dip a sticky side of each slice in pink decorating sugar. The other half of the marshmallow will be the tail (not dipped in sugar).

To assemble: mound a cupcake with vanilla frosting and roll it in desiccated coconut. Add a dot of frosting to the cupcake ( a little to one side) and add the marshmallow head. Pipe two dots of frosting on the head and add the sugar-coated ears. Use a tube of chocolate decorating frosting (or pipe chocolate frosting from a ziplock) to pipe the mouth and eyes. Add a pink candy heart or candy decor for the nose.


The grass and EASTER EGGS CUPCAKE is just as easy! Frost the cupcake with green frosting and use the tines of a fork to add the grass texture. Place JORDAN ALMONDS in EASTER COLORS on top of the grass. Add CANDY DECORS and lines of vanilla frosting to decorate the eggs.

HOPPY EASTER everyone!

Alan and Karen




March 29, 2017

This POTATO really is a CAKE! We’re not foolin’ but we are APRIL FOOLIN’!

April Fool’s Day is our favorite HOLIDAY and every year we COOK UP something new to celebrate the day! This cake is even NO-BAKE so you won’t be spending all day in the kitchen!

Here’s how we did it:

Start with a frozen store-bought pound cake. Bevel the corners of the pound cake to make a potato shape. Crumble the trimmings and reserve them.

Press 40 Kraft caramels together and soften. Roll the caramels out to a 12 by 15 inch rectangle.

Cover the beveled cake with a thick layer of frosting. Drape the sheet of caramel over the frosted cake, tuck at the bottom and create smooth rounded corners, no folds.

Use your fingers to indent the caramel sheet in a few places on each side. Use a toothpick to poke a hole at the center of each indention and insert a yellow licorice pastel for the eyes.

Using a pastry brush, dust the entire potato with unsweetened cocoa powder. Transfer the potato to a foil lined serving platter. Use a sharp knife to split the caramel from end to end along the top of the potato. Open the caramel sheet and add frosting to the opening. Sprinkle the frosted opening with the crumbed cake reserved from the beveled corners to look like the inside of the potato.

Add a large dollop of whipped topping to the split opening and garnish with slivers of circus peanuts to look like cheese, slices of green sour straws to look like chives, and pink and white taffy rolled out together to resemble bacon.


Have a very Foolish April Fools Day!

Alan and Karen


March 25, 2017

Easter is one of our favorite holidays, and making Easter Cookies is the most fun of all! Here’s a SWEET COOKIE trick from our book Cupcakes, Cookies and Pie, Oh, My!

These peek-a-boo egg cookies are exciting because you get a peek of the Lemon Filling inside the cookie!! But the colorful decoration on the outside is the real SURPRISE!

To decorate the cookies we added drops of food coloring to egg wash and painted them before baking. Here’s how to do it!

Prepare several bowls of egg wash (we thinned the wash with water to keep the colors clear) and tint each a different spring color for Easter. Roll out sugar cookie dough and cut egg shapes from it. (We used a 4-inch cutter.) Cut a hole from the center of half the cookies. Then paint and decorate the cookies with the cut outs as desired.

Bake according to the recipe and let them cool completely. Once cooled pipe royal frosting details on the decorated cookies to highlight the egg wash designs. Let the royal frosting harden completely.

To assemble, spread lemon curd or your favorite filling on the solid cookies, and top each with one of the decorated cookies. Voila! The prettiest Easter cookies ever!

Happy decorating everyone!

Alan and Karen


March 20, 2017

Just call us CEREAL DECORATORS!! We love finding clever ways to use CEREAL SHAPES in our designs. Take CHEERIOS for example. All those little OHs are just begging to be turned into curly hair, sheep’s wool, or even chicken feathers! And the advantage is that you already have it in your PANTRY!

These PEEPERS are adorbs, and perfect for an Easter party, a spring event, or even a backyard barbecue!

Here’s how we made them:

For the cockscomb we used a 1 inch scalloped craft punch to cut the shape from Fruit by the Foot. But it is just as easy to use a 1 inch round cookie cutter to make a circle and then use crafting scissor to give it a zig zag edge.

Cut a circus peanut in half lengthwise. Each half will make parts for one chick.

To make the beak, snip a small wedge shape about 3/4 inch long from the edge of a circus peanut half. Make a slit in the center of the pointed end of the wedge for the opening of the mouth. Flatten the remainder of the circus peanut half using a rolling pin. Cut out two triangles about 1 inch long and 3/4 inches wide from the flattened candy. Snip two tiny triangles from the wide flat end to create three little toes.

Frost the tops of your cupcakes with vanilla frosting, making a smooth mound. Press CHEERIOS cereal into the frosting, leaving an empty space at one end for the head, about 1 1/2 inches wide and 1/2 inch deep. (For sweeter cupcakes dust the cereal with confectioner’s sugar at this point.)

Press the cockscomb into the frosting at the head end of the cupcake, tucking it under the Cheerios and letting it hang over the edge a bit. To make the eyes add two dots of vanilla frosting on top of the red candy where the comb meets the cereal and place a black pearl in the center of each. Add the beak just below and between the eyes. Finally add the two circus peanut feet at the bottom, wiggling the pointed end between the cereal and into the frosting to secure.

These chicks are so EASY you’ll want to try making them from other cereals, too!

Happy decorating!

Alan and Karen




March 18, 2017

Some folks look for shapes in clouds. We look for shapes in candy and cookies. When we saw the two big rounded ends of a ‘Nutter Butter and the narrow middle, we immediately thought “BUNNY!”

Follow the diagram above to create your own cookie shapes. Then dip them in melted chocolate candy melts and place them on waxed paper until hardened. Add a dot of frosting with a mini chocolate morsel in the center for the eye (press the pointed end into the frosting).

To complete the basket, push the tapered bottom end of the cookie rabbit into the center of the cupcake and pipe green frosting all over the top of your cupcakes using a ziplock with a very small (scant 1/4 inch) hole or a piping bag fit with a grass tip. Add jellybeans for eggs. (The cookie might soften if it sits too long so we suggest inserting the rabbit no more than 30 minutes before you are ready to present them.)

Perfect for an Easter morning surprise! Our favorite holiday is almost here and the Candy Lab is in full gear so come back for more decorating ideas soon!

Happy decorating!

Alan and Karen



March 12, 2017

We’re always looking for inspiration in the PANTRY! Lucky for us we found a box of Fruit Loops cereal and it inspired this LUCKY LEPRECHAUN CUPCAKE!

To make your own Lucky Leprechaun Cupcakes, start by tinting frosting pink. Frost the tops of the cupcakes and smooth. Add a red jellybean nose and two brown M&Ms Minis for the eyes. Pipe the smile using a tube of red decorating icing. Press two mini vanilla wafers into the pink frosting for the ears. Add orange Fruit Loops for the beard and green Fruit Loops for the shamrock, with a small line of green frosting for the stem. And finally, use a large gumdrop and a small spice drop on top for the hat, with a line of chocolate frosting and a gold pearl for the hatband.

Happy St.Patty’s Day and happy decorating!

Alan and Karen

P.S. GOOD LUCK finding the Leprechaun’s Pot of Gold!


March 11, 2017

LION-SIZE winds are blowing outside! What better time to add ROAR to your cupcakes? You can craft this leonine beast on a cupcake topped with small scallop-shaped sugar cookies. Add a large dot of orange frosting to the center of the sugar cookies and smooth, leaving the edges of the cookies unfrosted. Use a lighter shade of orange frosting piped from a ziplock bag for the mane and add Fruit Loops for the ears. The candy decor cheeks have tiny dots of chocolate frosting for the whiskers. To complete his ferocious look, add a red hot nose and beady black pearl eyes!

Because spring will bring weather as gentle as a LAMB create a sheepish cupcake using Cheerios dusted with confectioner’s sugar for the wool.  The face ears and tail are all cut from a single Oreo cookie. Add candy decors for the tongue and eyes, and give the center of each eye a dot of chocolate frosting.

Happy decorating in any weather!

Alan and Karen