February 5, 2018

We think SIMPLY PRETTY should also be PRETTY SIMPLE! We were inspired by the SIMPLE 4-STEP RECIPES in our new book MAKE IT EASY, CUPCAKE! where every design has four easy-to-follow photos, one for each step in the recipe! Here are the four easy photos you need to make LOVE LETTERS FOR YOUR VALENTINE!

  1. Trace the letters for your message on paper, adding a short line for the candy support at the bottom of each letter. (We went with LOVE but your LOVE LETTER could read BE MINE, KISS, HUGS, SWEET, HEART, MARRY ME, or whatever you feel is the right message.)
  2. Place waxed paper over the letters. Place candy melting wafers in a ziptop bag and microwave, stopping every few seconds to massage the bag, until softened. Pipe and outline the first letter and then flood the outline with melted candy. While the candy is still wet, cover with desired sugar or sprinkles.
  3. Repeat with the additional letters to create your message. Chill the letters for 5 minutes until set and brush off the excess sugar or sprinkles.
  4. Frost the tops of enough cupcakes to hold your message. Push a toothpick into the center of each cupcake. Carefully insert the support at the bottom of each letter into the hole in a cupcake so the letters stand up in the frosting on top of the cupcakes.

Our newest book Make It Easy, Cupcake! has over 100 SIMPLE 4 STEP DESIGNS just as easy and just as much fun as our Love Letters!

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Make It Easy decorating,

Alan and Karen


February 4, 2018

These easy Mini Birthday Tower Cupcakes were inspired by the Simple 4-Step recipes in our newest book Make It Easy Cupcake! We used easy techniques from our book to create a warm glow without real flames! The candles were made using pink chocolate POCKY sticks with a little back and forth drizzle of vanilla frosting to mimic real candles. (Sorry Cake Mate!) We also put two colors of frosting in our piping bag, orange and yellow, so when we piped the flames they came out with mixed colors just like the real thing!

The tower itself is made from a jumbo cupcake at the bottom, a regular cupcake in the middle, and a mini cupcake on top…all baked in Reynolds foil liners!

What could be simpler….or prettier?
















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Happy Birthday Decorating!

Alan and Karen



January 29, 2018

Milano cookies make these groundhogs so tasty they disappear even before they see a SHADOW! Inspired by the SIMPLE 4-Step Recipes in our newest book Make It Easy, Cupcake! Just follow the four simple photos below to make adorable Groundhog Day Cupcakes!

  1. Trim one end of a Milano cookie. Grind the trimmed piece and any extra cookies into crumbs.
  2. Use vanilla frosting and pipe two dots for eyes, two dots for cheeks, and two little strokes for the front teeth.
  3. Add chocolate M&Ms for the cheeks, and a red M&Ms Mini for the nose. Add dots of chocolate frosting to attach the chocolate M&Ms Minis for the ears, and add chocolate frosting dots to the center of the eyes.
  4. Frost a cupcake with chocolate frosting and sprinkle with crumbs. Make a slit in the center of the cupcake and push the cut end of the Milano cookie into the opening.


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Happy Groundhog Day,

Alan and Karen


January 29, 2018

Football Player Cupcakes take the field on Super Bowl Sunday! We designed our cupcake team using store bought sugar cookie dough for the helmet cookies, and we coated the helmets in sugar to match TEAM COLORS…SWEEEET!

It’s just as easy for you to make them for your own team. Great for tailgate parties, too!

Cut the helmet cookies from store bought sugar cookie dough and bake. After baking and cooling the cookies, frost them in a team color and dip them in a matching color sugar. Pipe stripes or other team details to the helmets.

Next frost cupcakes with flesh color frosting and press a helmet onto each cupcake. Add black pearls for eyes, a red frosting mouth, a dot of frosting for the nose, and licorice lace face guards.

Here’s a tip on making the footballs. Simply roll a TOOTSIE ROLL into a football shape and pipe lines of vanilla frosting for the laces!

Place the cupcakes and footballs on a serving plate and scatter green decorating sugar around the base of each cupcake. Happy Super Bowl Decorating!

Alan and Karen


January 25, 2018

Our confetti stadium cake has the stands packed with mini M&M’s ready to get their game on.  It’s so easy to make. We used two 9 by 13 inch cakes…we cut one cake to make the beveled stands. Assemble and frost, add your mini M&M fans, goal posts made from Poky Stix and yellow candy melts, fruit leather flags, and a sugar coated graham cracker score board to keep track of the touch downs.

Here is how we assembled the cut cake for the stands.

You can find the full recipe in Woman’s World Magazine.

We hope that your team wins this Super Bowl season.

Happy decorating!

Karen and Alan


January 24, 2018

Tis the season—no, not for Christmas but for FOOTBALL and MALLOMARS!!

September 10th is the official start of the football season. So we thought we’d kick things off with some appropriate cupcakes!! When it comes to dessert, they’re a definite touchdown!

The main ingredient in our football cupcakes is the Mallomar. And by CRAZY CUPCAKE COINCIDENCE, September is also the month that Mallomars return to supermarkets everywhere.

Not everyone knows that Mallomars are only available from September through March. (The short Mallomar Season was originally put in place over concerns that the cookie might melt in delivery trucks during the warmer months.)

You can find the complete recipe (which also includes marshmallows, taffy and Tootsie Rolls) by clicking here.

One bite and you’ll be yelling, “SCORE!”

Happy Cupcaking,

Alan and Karen


January 16, 2018


Mix up a batch of MARSHMALLOW RICE KRISY TREAT and then shape the mixture into pennants, footballs, and balls for pompons. (You can use a serving spoon to help shape the curved sides of the footballs and a ruler to keep the side of the pennants straight. For the pompon rounds simply roll the treat between your palms.) Push the tines of a plastic fork about 1/2 inch into each shape, taking care not to split the shape apart and pressing as needed to secure the treat mixture to the tines.

For the pennants, hold the fork by the handle and dip the pennant shaped treat into MELTING WAFERS in a color to match your favorite team. (Dip up to and slightly onto the tines so the melted candy secures the shape to the fork.) Let the candy harden. Once the candy is firm, add details to the pennants using a ziplock bag filled with FROSTING (snip a very small corner to turn it into a piping bag). Or use a tube of GEL FROSTING from the grocers to outline and write your cheers on the pennants.

For the footballs, using the the football shaped treats, dip as described above into CHOCOLATE MELTING WAFERS, let the candy harden, and add laces using VANILLA FROSTING.

For the pompons, tint SHREDDED COCONUT two colors to match your favorite team (keeping half of the coconut untinted). Spread the two colors of tinted coconut on separate sheets of waxed paper and allow to dry completely. Once the coconut is completely dry, using the round shaped treats, dip the treat as described above in WHITE MELTING WAFERS and sprinkle the wet candy with alternating shreds of one color of tinted coconut and untinted coconut to make a two-tone pom-pon. Make a second pompon using the second color of tinted coconut mixed again with untinted coconut.

Arrange on a serving plate or you can arrange the handles in a glass to make them stand upright. These TREATS are so easy and so much fun, we think your TEAM will be cheering for more!!

We hope your team wins! Happy decorating!

Alan and Karen


January 14, 2018

Here’s one of our favorite HELLO CUPCAKE CLASSICS. This project is a real HOOT. We got the idea while we were eating some OREOS at the Candy Lab. We know Oreos are one of the most popular cookies around, so we started brainstorming on how we might use them. Alan broke open a cookie to eat the frosting inside–that’s his method–and suddenly the idea hit us: Owl Eyes!! We got to use a regular Oreo for the owl parents, and mini-Oreos for the kids. (Plus Junior Mints for the big eyeballs, and M&Ms for the small eyeballs!) For the total how-to, take a look at pages 171-3 of  HELLO, CUPCAKE! Or to read the recipe on the Duncan Hines Hello Cupcake page click here.

Happy Cupcaking!

Alan and Karen


January 9, 2018

POP THE CORK at your next celebration with PINK CHAMPAGNE CUPCAKES! We created these easy-to-make champagne bottles using two cookies—Margherite cookies and Cadbury Fingers. To MAKE IT EASY you can simply follow the photos, just like in our new book Make It Easy, Cupcake!



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Happy decorating,

Alan and Karen

PS Our friends at Woman’s World featured these cupcakes in their New Year’s Issue with a complete written recipe. Look for our crafty decorating ideas every month in Woman’s World Magazine!


December 24, 2017

MAKE A MAGICAL GINGERBREAD HOUSE FOR THOMAS AND HIS FRIENDS! We created this festive version of the Tidmouth Sheds for OUR FRIENDS at THOMAS AND FRIENDS! You can make one too, just use your favorite gingerbread dough and add a little MAGIC!

We wish you the merriest of holidays,

Alan and Karen