April 26, 2018

CANDY INSPIRES US! So when we recently opened a bag of Jelly Belly’s JEWEL PINK MIX we were struck not only by the gorgeous colors but also by the amazing flavors! Those pretty little pink beans were screaming to be turned into something special.

Our PETIT FOURS are perfect for a Spring Fest, a Sweet Sixteen Party, or even a Baby or Bridal Shower!

The cake itself is a delicious strawberry flavor cake baked in jelly roll sheet pans to make thin layers (NO NEED TO SLICE IT…CALL US LAZY!) We used a layer of strawberry jam topped with a layer of vanilla frosting between the layers. Once assembled, the whole cake is coated with vanilla frosting and cut into adorable little squares. Now for our favorite part: we piped a zig zag line of PALE PINK FROSTING and added PRETTY PINK JELLY BELLY BEANS to each delicate little treat! With flavors like Jewel Bubble Gum, Jewel Cream Soda, and Jewel Very Cherry you know they taste great, too!

You can get the whole recipe along with more decorating ideas by Hello, Cupcake! on the Jelly Belly web site at

WANT MORE SIMPLE 4 STEP DESIGNS? Our newest book Make It Easy, Cupcake! has over 100 projects that are just as easy and just as much fun as our PRETTY PINK PETIT FOURS!

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Alan and Karen


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