February 16, 2018

Because the STATE OF OUR CUPCAKE UNION IS STRONG, we have made an EXECUTIVE decision to honor LINCOLN and WASHINGTON in true Hello, Cupcake! style. So in honor of PRESIDENTS DAY, we proudly present this pair of PRESIDENTIAL CAMEO CUPCAKES!!

In order to create these chocolate cameos, FIRST you’ll need to draw a TEMPLATE for the profiles. You can use our photo above or any other drawing or photograph of the presidents in profile. Simply reduce or enlarge the drawing to a size that will easily fit on top of a cupcake, about 2 inches across. After you have drawn the template, place a piece of wax paper over it, and then pipe an out lie around the design using candy melts and a ziptop bag. Next fill in the outline and gently tap the working surface to make the candy settle into a smooth shape. Place the drawing in the fridge to harden (about 5 minutes).

This simple example using a drawing of a butterfly wing shows how to use a template to pipe chocolate on waxed paper. (More about piping with templates on pages 16-17 of our original book HELLO, CUPCAKE!)

SECOND, peel the chocolate profile from the wax paper and gently place it on a frosted cupcake. Trim the outside edge of the cupcake with a row of M&Ms placed on their side.

Hope you enjoy this face time with the Presidents.

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Happy decorating, America!

Alan and Karen

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