April 23, 2018

Give a Hoot Owl Cupcakes in pretty SPRING COLORS can be made in 4 SIMPLE STEPS…just like the recipes in our latest book, Make It Easy, Cupcake! We love anything SIMPLE…like using the same cookie to make the eyes, the wings, and the ears. The only thing extra is the COLORFUL CANDY used for the eyes, beak, & toes. WHOOOOO DOESN’T LIKE EASY DECORATING?

  1. Make parts from vanilla sandwich cookies. Separate sandwich cookies and keep the cream intact on one side for the eyes (you will need two cream sides for each owl). Cut a cookie side without cream in half for wings. Cut another cookie side without cream in half, and then in half again to make the ears.
  2. Add candy lashes (Baby Tears) and a candy pupil (Junior Mint) to the cream on the eye cookies, the hard candies will stick to the cream but use an extra dot of frosting to secure the pupils. (Choose candy colors that coordinate with the frosting color.)
  3. Frost cupcakes in pretty spring colors and smooth. Add eye cookies, wings, and ears.
  4. Attach candy for the beak (Baby Tears) and for the feet (Banana Candy). Pipe frosting dashes, dots, or squiggles for the feathers on the belly.

WANT MORE SIMPLE 4 STEP DESIGNS? Our newest book Make It Easy, Cupcake! has over 100 projects that are just as easy and just as much fun as our GIVE A HOOT OWL CUPCAKES!

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Alan and Karen

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