January 24, 2018

Tis the season—no, not for Christmas but for FOOTBALL and MALLOMARS!!

September 10th is the official start of the football season. So we thought we’d kick things off with some appropriate cupcakes!! When it comes to dessert, they’re a definite touchdown!

The main ingredient in our football cupcakes is the Mallomar. And by CRAZY CUPCAKE COINCIDENCE, September is also the month that Mallomars return to supermarkets everywhere.

Not everyone knows that Mallomars are only available from September through March. (The short Mallomar Season was originally put in place over concerns that the cookie might melt in delivery trucks during the warmer months.)

You can find the complete recipe (which also includes marshmallows, taffy and Tootsie Rolls) by clicking here.

One bite and you’ll be yelling, “SCORE!”

Happy Cupcaking,

Alan and Karen

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