July 4, 2018

WE SALUTE RED, WHITE, AND BLUE CANDY FOR THE FOURTH! Holidays with special theme colors are when we get to put on our candy detective hats and head down the candy aisle in search of Interesting candies that are in the right colors. Almost any red, white, or blue candy can be used to make firework explosions. And don’t be afraid to roll out, snap, or chop the candies you find. We give you permission. It’s Independence Day after all!

Follow the simple four step photos from our newest book Make It Easy, Cupcake! to make our firecrackers:

  1. Roll yellow gumdrop in yellow sugar. Cut out 2 inch circle.
  2. Remove 1/4 of the circle and press together the sticky cut ends to make the nose cone.
  3. Thread a marshmallow on a pretzel stick and spray with red food coloring. Thread a marshmallow on a toothpick and spray with blue food coloring. Let the marshmallows dry.
  4. Add a white marshmallow to the pretzel stick behind the red one, followed by the blue marshmallow. Use melting wafers to attach the yellow nosecone to the red end and a red licorice lace tail to the blue end. Place the firecracker rocket on top of a frosted cupcake.


WANT MORE SIMPLE 4 STEP DESIGNS? Our newest book Make It Easy, Cupcake! has over 100 projects that are just as easy and just as much fun as our 4th of July CUPCAKES!





Happy decorating!

Alan and Karen


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