August 23, 2018

HANGER COOKIES We have found a variety of cutters on line to make hanging cookies…over the edge cookie cutters

BUT SAVE YOUR DOUGH!!! All you need to make a hanging cookie is to cut a slit in your cookie before baking. To make our donut cookies (above) use a 3-inch round cutter to cut out circles from cookie dough. Use a 1-inch round cutter to remove a circle from the center of each cookie. (Reserve the extra dough to roll out more cookies.) Use a small knife to cut a 3/4-by-1/4-inch notch from one side of each cookie. (Make it big enough so that it fits over the rim of your cup.) Once the cookies are baked, let them cool completely.

To decorate, heat desired color of candy melts in the microwave a few seconds at a time, stopping to stir, until the candy is melted and smooth. Use a small spoon to spread the candy onto the cooled cookies giving them a wavy edge. Add colorful sprinkles to the wet candy to look like a donut. Let candy set before hanging them on a cup (under-fill the cups, don’t let the cookie dip into the liquid or they will fall apart).

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Happy Donuts!!

Alan and Karen

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