April 22, 2017

Our favorite candies for decorating are the ones that are so flexible we end up using them in a million different ways. LAFFY TAFFY is one of those magical confections that you can roll, twist, melt, or slice and it still TASTES GREAT! The green taffies are the color of Spring…SPRING PEAS to be exact! Here is a really simple, really fun project using them. We promise it will leave your friends scratching their head wondering how you did it!


  1. Roll the taffy on a sheet of waxed paper. Use a small pair of scissors to cut a long spear shape from the taffy.
  2. Place three or four green Sixlets in a line down the center of the shape. Fold the taffy in from the sides and shape it around the sides of the SIXLETS to make a pea pod.
  3. Use some of the taffy trimmed from the pear shapes and roll it into a thin snake shape. Twist the thin snake shape to make a tendril.
  4. Cover the cupcakes with chocolate frosting and smooth. Add a few chocolate cookie crumbs for dirt. Top the cupcake with two peas and a tendril.

Happy Spring Decorating!

Alan and Karen

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