December 5, 2017

This year Mrs. Rudolph is leading Santa’s sled! With her big GOLDEN antlers, sparkly GOLDEN hair, and bright RED nose, she can light up any PARTY, too! We made Mrs. Rudolph for our friends at Woman’s World Magazine where you’ll find her gracing the Cover at newsstands (with the complete recipe inside). In case you miss the issue here is a brief look at how we made her:

Start with a three-layer chocolate cake covered with cocoa frosting. (Three layers give it dramatic height.) We used white Candy Melts to pipe antlers on waxed paper. Use the antlers template from the Magazine, or create one of your own following our photograph (about 8 to 10 inches tall), and place it under the waxed paper to follow, or get creative and make your own antler design. (Be sure to add extra length to the bottom of the antlers to push into the cake.) Once the Candy Melts have hardened, brush them with gold luster dust to add sheen.

For the decorations, we made a nose from red gum drops, ears from a jumbo marshmallow, and holly leaves from spearmint leaves rolled in green sugar and cut using a holly shaped cookie cutter.

We added swirls of chocolate frosting on the cake for the hair and highlighted it with gold decorationsTo finish we piped eyes and eyelashes on the cake and arranged a wreath of holly leaves all around the base with red SIXLETS for the holly berries. Happy decorating!



Alan and Karen

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