October 27, 2017

This HALLOWEEN cupcake is so FRIGHTFULLY EASY and delicious we call it TRICK AND TREAT!!


12 chocolate cupcakes (your favorite homemade or box mix)

1 recipe dark chocolate frosting (your favorite homemade or 1 can store-bought)

12 Oreo cookies, crushed in food processor or by hand

1 recipe vanilla frosting (your favorite homemade or 1 can store-bought)

2 tubes red gel decorating frosting, Wilton or Cake Mate

  1. Frost the chocolate cupcakes with dark chocolate frosting. Roll the frosted cupcakes in the Oreo cookie crumbs. Place three cupcakes side by side on a small plate.
  2. Place some vanilla frosting in a ziplock bag and seal the bag. Make a 1/4 inch cut in one corner of the filled bag (or use a piping bag fitted with a wide tip). Pipe, side by side, two wide lines of vanilla frosting across the center of all three cupcakes. Add two large dots of frosting at each end of the white stripe.
  3. Using the tube of red gel, pipe a thick stripe of red blood down the center of the vanilla stripe. (Because the gel tip is small you will need to pipe the red line several times to have enough blood to ooze. And keep the gel in the center of the white stripe so you can cover it easily.)
  4. Cover the red gel with an additional wide line of vanilla frosting, adding two thick knobs to each end of the bone shape. Your bone should look like the one below when you are finished piping.

Let the cupcakes sit for about 1/2 hour so the surface of the frosting develops a slight crust. Now comes the fun part!

BREAK THE BONE by inserting the tip of a sharp knife into the vanilla frosting between each cupcake to make three zig-zag cuts in the bone. Pull the cupcakes slightly apart allowing the red gel to show. You can add additional red gel at the cuts if you want to enhance the OOZE!!

Add additional dirt (Oreo cookie crumbs) to the plate and serve!

We wish a happy (and safe) Halloween to all!

Alan and Karen

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